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02.12.2016Toshiba Machine starts the sales of the high speed machining center MF-2560 series that exhibits power in rough machining of aluminum workpieces
02.12.2016Toshiba Machine starts the sales of the double column type machining center MCW-46150 (5A) series that can improve the machining productivity of long aluminum workpieces
09.18.201545th Machine Design Awards
08.06.2015Machine Tools Business Unit (Toshiba Machine Video clip) is updated.
05.18.2015Toshiba Machine has installed a High-performance Simultaneous Bi-axially Stretching Pilot Machine FTU-1300SS (Supporting experimental productions of a wide variety of sheet films)
05.18.2015Toshiba Machine has enhanced the New Small-Size Vertical Articulated Robot TVL series, targeting the EMS in the emerging market
05.13.2015Engineering exhibits On-Demand Decoration System
05.13.2015Vertical Drill Center with Rotating Automatic Pallet Changer (Now developed and can drastically shorten the cycle time for drilling the building materials)
10.28.2014New MPJ-M series of high-speed shape-forming machine toolst has been added to the lineup.
10.28.2014Wide-size table 1000mm x 1200mm specifications to the BTD100 machine has been added to the lineup.
08.22.2014We started to sale brushed up UVM-450C (V2) as “The 2nd-Generation” High-Precision Vertical Machine.
08.20.2014Develop the New Twin Screw Extruder TEM-58SSG: Features for the Compound Industry as Part of its World Strategy
08.19.2014Development and Presentation of the EC30S All-Electric Injection Molding Machine: Enhanced Productivity with Reduced Floor Spacing
08.19.2014Development and Marketing of the New R Series of Die Casting Machines: New Development Methods for Modular Design and Unit Manufacturing
07.08.2014Video clip(Table-Type Horizontal Boring and Milling Machine BP-150.R22) is added.
11.01.2011New SCARA Robot "Lite" Series Launched
08.22.2011Our high precision dicing machine USM-6E was awarded a Japan Society of Industry Machinery Manufacturers Award.
05.23.2011A new high-speed handling SCARA robot has been added to the lineup.
05.18.2011New release of the electric injection molding machine EC850SX
05.18.2011Development of new die casting machine DC400K
05.18.2011Development of the Nano-Imprint Equipment ST50S-LED for High-Brightness LED