Corporate Information

Greetings from the President

Chairman of the Board Yukio Iimura, President Takahiro Mikami

 Since the Toshiba Machine Group was founded in 1949, it has helped Japan and the world develop by supplying the machines required by industry. Currently, we are aiming to become a "comprehensive machinery manufacturer that supports the world's 'monozukuri'" by focusing on four strategic key phrases: "energy and environment," "improving labor productivity," "IoT (Note 1) and ICT (Note 2)," and "handling new materials." These four strategic key phrases are important for the automobile, electronics, optical, and nanotechnology industries that are in the spotlight today, because we will be developing, manufacturing, selling, and providing retrofit after-sales services for injection machines, die-cast machines, extruders, microscopic transcriptional machinery, precision machinery, machine tools, electronic control devices, industrial robots, etc.

 Although the economic environment has been unclear, our Group has been promoting its mid-term management plan "TM AC Plan" (Toshiba Machine Adapt to the Change Plan) since April 1, 2010. The basic concepts embedded in the TM AC Plan are "advance" and "expand." Through "advance" we are further developing our technologies and reinforcing our system engineering functions. Through "expand" we are developing our global strategy that includes expanding and improving our overseas sales and service facilities, and developing products that meet the needs of the markets.

 From April 1, 2016 we newly started "TM-PΣ Plan" (Toshiba Machine Profit Sigma Plan). Within this plan we are continuing the concepts of "advance and expand" of the mid-term management plan from 2010, but we have newly added the two basic policies of "transformation to a higher profit business model" and "selection and concentration." Within the "transformation to a higher profit business model" we shall steadily implement various measures to reduce our gross costs in order to recover our profitability which is the most urgent task for our Group. Through "selection and concentration" we shall concentrate our management resources in the markets and customers that are currently showing dynamic activity, and implement measures that will assure certain growth for our Group.

 Our Group has set forth the "Toshiba Machine Group Action Standards" that are guidelines concerning how to comply with laws, and take actions that are economically and socially ethical. We understand the expectations that our shareholders, customers, local societies, and all other stakeholders have. In order to meet those expectations, we shall thoroughly comply with all business and financial laws, and we shall also proactively involve ourselves in environmental management so that we can fulfill our social responsibilities.

Under our new operating structure implemented on April 1, 2017, we will continue to strengthen our corporate governance and management systems to achieve even greater corporate growth and value.

We very much appreciate your continued support and patronage.

Chairman of the Board Yukio Iimura
President Takahiro Mikami

Note 1. IoT: Internet of Things

Note 2. ICT: Information and Communication Technology