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IR calendar
May 9th, 2019March 2019 Announcement of financial statement 

May 15th,

March 2019 Information session for financial statement for institutional investors 

June 2nd,

 Payment of 96th final dividend
June 21th,
Submission of 96th securities report 
August 9th,
March 2020 Announcement of 1st quarterly financial statement 
Auguest 8th, 2019Submission of 97th 1st quarterly report  
November 8th,2019March 2020 Announcement of 2nd quarterly financial statement(planned) 
November 8th, 2019Submission of 97th 2nd quarterly financial statement(planned) 

November 18th, 2019

March 2020 Information session for 2nd quarterly financial statement for institutional investors(planned) 
early December , 2019  Distribution of 97th interim shareholders' communication(planned)
early February , 2020March 2018 Announcement of 3rd quarterly financial statement(planned) 
in the middle of February, 2020Submission of 97th 3rd quarterly report(planned)