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Mid-term Business Plan

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I will explain the overview of our Group’s new mid-term management plan called “Revolutionary E10 Plan” which started on April 1, 2019.

The ideal to which our Group is aiming

Our Group aims to become “a company which contributes to society and which all stakeholders can support”. In order to achieve this, we will make “investments for growth” to realize continuous improvement of corporate value, and address “reformation of the nature of the company” to cope with changes as called for by the times.

Key concepts of the mid-term management plan

Through the previous mid-term management plan, we implemented measures including; expanding overseas production and procurement, operation and production reform, factory reorganization, and capital investment. In order to further promote growth we must make a transformation.

In the new mid-term management plan we will tackle structural reform of productivity, profitability, and efficiency, and further promote investment in people, things, and services.

The name of the plan represents these concepts.

Key concepts of the mid-term management plan

[Name] Revolution E10 Plan

Revolution implies our new rebirth and E stands for efficiency as, in this mid-term management plan, we aim to achieve improved efficiency in all aspects by setting a 10%  improvement goal in each area.

We will strive to accomplish this ambitious goal represented by the name of the plan.

Basic guideline of the mid-term management plan

Our basic guideline is to “Maximize the use of our strength as a general machinery manufacturer to continue to grow”. Within this plan, we strive to survive against competition in this age in which things are rapidly and drastically changing, and we aim to achieve reforms to increase our profitability by boldly changing our conventional way of thinking, and updating our working practices, to promote further growth.

At the same time we are addressing various measures to increase our corporate value, such as; improving the nature of the company, sharing and enhancing our product strength, and investing in growth, and thereby nurturing "the strength to create new industries" and evolve into a "manufacturer which co-creates value" together with its customers.

establishing basic guideline of the mid-term management plan

Basic policy of the mid-term management plan

We established three basic policies as below described based on these factors: Structural reform of profitability and efficiency; Transforming from individual optimization to total optimization; and Further promotion of investment in people, things, and services.

 - Improving the nature of the company to increase profitability
 - Sharing and enhancing our product strength
 - Investments for growth to enhance corporate value

We will address reforms to place an emphasis on profitability in accordance with these three basic policies.

establishing basic policy of the mid-term management plan

Sales and profit planning

Our company group will work to achieve consolidated sales of 135 billion yen and an operating profit ratio of 7.0% or higher in fiscal 2021 which is the last fiscal year of the Revolution E10 Plan.