Product Information

Technical consultation

Casting trial using Toshiba Machine's high-performance die casting machine.

 We provide a casting trial using customer's mold.Our high-performance die casting machines, a variety of high-quality supporting systems, and experienced technical staff provide high-quality die casting technologies. Please check out our die casting technologies with your actual moldings. Please consult us (click here).



Casting guidance with experienced staff and latest technologies

 Toshiba Machine's technical staff go off to your factory, and depending on your needs, provide casting guidance, structural analyses, flow analyses, and other instructions on machine operation. We also hold a special workshop for die casting.

Even an inexperienced customer can have a full turnkey service of die casting.

Molding evaluation is provided to satisfy customer needs.

  • Use a CT scanner to check internal quality.
    (Quality verification by X-ray transmission is also available with a CT scanner.)
    During the casting trial, you can use a CT scanner to verify quality.
    If you need an additional internal quality check, please contact our representatives.
  • Molding evaluation is performed with the testing equipment at Toshiba Machine Institute of Technology
  • Component analyses by a fluorescent X-ray analyzer
  • Strength test by a high-quality tension tester
  • Hydrometry by an electric hydrometer
  • Structural defect inspection by a scanning electron microscope
  • Other tests are available.

Toshiba Machine's molding solutions

 We have developed our original molding solutions.Our technologies integrate the machine tool, injection molding machine, extruder, die casting machine, high-precision machine, and molds.

 High-precision and high-efficiency machining by the machine tool as well as the high-precision machine, and high-quality molding technology by the injection molding machine, extruder, and die casting machine will promise your brilliant future development.