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TOKYO MAIN BRANCH: 81-(0)3-3509-0270
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This model supports thermocouples.It easily controls temperature.

With readily available thermocouples, temperature can be controlled between 100 and 1000?.
PID control, cycle control and other convenient functions of temperature control are built in.
This model is suitable for controlling dryers, mold temperature controllers, industrial furnaces and bakery machines.

Small body equipped with multifunctions

In a compact size of external dimensions 200mm x 150mm--a size to allow to be easily built into a control panel, panel I/F, general-purpose display unit I/F, analog I/O and other functions are installed.

Significant improvement in cost performance!

The product cost performance can be improved for customers who are using a general-purpose PLC and a general-purpose temperature controller together.We help our customers with cost reduction and miniaturization.


Power supply voltage24VDC
Operating temperature range0 - 60℃
Instruction typeGraphic programming system
Processing time5ms/1K words
Programming capacity24K words
External inputPhotocoupler input
8 points
Internal input (DIP switches)Unsupported
External outputRelay output (3A/1 point) 8 points
Transistor output (0.2A/1 point) 4 points
Temperature input (Thermistor)1 points
(Switchable among thermistor / voltage / current / power)
5 points of thermocouple input
Analog input (0 - 5V)1 point (current output 4 - 20mA)
Analog output (0 - 6V)1 point
Panel interface functionSupported
Communication functionRS232C 1 ch
RS485 1 ch
Calendar functionUnsupported
Internal relay1024 point
Timer/counter384 point
Latch128 point
Data register1504 words
Software development toolSI595U Pack
Minimum order lot20 units
External dimensions (W) × (H) × (D)200 × 150 × 20 (mm)

TOKYO MAIN BRANCH: 81-(0)3-3509-0270
NUMAZU HEADQUARTERS: 81-(0)55-926-5032