Product Information

Machining equipment

We can provide machining for various sizes of components, especially the large ones.

Equipment nameMachining ability
Horizontal Boring & Milling MachineSpindle φ150 to φ180, X22800 Y4500 Z1200 W1200, Table square 4000 × 4000
Large-sized Plano Milling MachineX15300 Y4500 Z1000 W3000, 150 tons
Double Column Type Machining CenterX6500 Y3600 Z900 W2300
Large-sized Vertical LatheTable φ5300, ram stroke 2100, maximum workpiece φ9500 × H2500, 120 tons
CNC Vertical LatheTable φ2000, ram stroke 1000, maximum workpiece φ2000 × H1150, 5 tons
Table Type Horizontal Boring & Milling MachineSpindle φ110 to φ130, table 1000 to 2200
Normal Lathe (including NC Lathe)On-bed swing φ1220, center-to-center dimension 6000
LatheOn-bed swing φ1000, center-to-center dimension 9000
Surface grinding machinesMaximum workpiece 10000 × 3000 (band-pass 3500) × 2000, 22 tons
Roll Grinding Machine Maximum workpiece φ1650 × l9500
Internal Cylindrical Grinding MachineOn-bed swing 1400, maximum workpiece L4500, grindable depth 1850
Double Column Type Grinding CenterX3000 Y2100 Z610 W500, table 1800 × 3000, 20 tons
3D Coordinate Measuring MachineMeasureable range: X1600 × Y3000 × Z1200, 1.5 tons
The othersTotal number of machines (including small- and medium-sized machines): 200 machines, crane 50 tons, and others
Plano Milling Machine (MPA-45150A)<br />Maximum workpiece size; W4,000 &times; L15,000

Plano Milling Machine (MPA-45150A)
Maximum workpiece size; W4,000 × 15,000

Horizontal Milling & Boring Machine (BSF-180A)<br />X22,800 Y4,500 Z1,400

Horizontal Milling & Boring Machine (BSF-180A)
X22,800 Y4,500 Z1,400

Turning & Milling Machine (TM-53/90A)<br />&phi;9,500 &times; H1,500, maximum weight 10 t

Turning & Milling Machine (TM-53/90A)
φ9,500 × H1,500, maximum weight 10 t

Double Column Type Machining Center (MPC-3665B)<br />Maximum workpiece size: W3,100 &times; L6,500

Double Column Type Machining Center (MPC-3665B)
Maximum workpiece size: W3,100 × L6,500

Table Type Horizontal Boring & Milling Machine (BTD-13.R22)<br />X3,000 Y2,300 Z1,600

Table Type Horizontal Boring & Milling Machine (BTD-13.R22)
X3,000 Y2,300 Z1,600

Roll Grinding Machine (KT-650C)<br />&phi;610 &times; L5,000

Roll Grinding Machine (KT-650C)
φ610 × L5,000

Internal Cylindrical Grinding Machine (KI-1445)<br />&phi;1,400 &times; L4,500

Internal Cylindrical Grinding Machine (KI-1445)
φ1,400 × L4,500