Product Information



Floor type horizontal milling and boring machine with a quill-type spindle head and renewed design and performance responding to the users' requirements for high speed and high precision

Main features

Vastly enhanced productivity

A vast array of accessories such as an ATC, AAC, AAI and AATC are available for automatic combined operation
Increased spindle speed and feedrates

Greatly improved operability

Easy changeover from manual to NC mode machining by a combination of manual and automatic operations. Specially designed and engineered TOSNUC 999 CNC system with extensive NC functions specific to the horizontal milling and boring machine for improved operability.

Excellent workability

Quill-type spindle head allows easy access to the workpiece Extensive cutting operation is made easy by the spindle extension Machining of multiple surfaces is possible in a single setup by using a rotary table (option) As a workpiece is secured on the floor plate, no limitation is imposed on the shape and weight of workpiece. Also, machining of a workpiece larger than the machine is also possible Labor-saving chip disposal for easy unmanned operation

General view and Machine Layout

Machine specifications

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