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New machine excels at high-speed, high-precision and heavy duty machining

Main features

Minimal thermal displacement of spindle head

Use of an oil jacket and constant lubrication air mist volume for stabilized high accuracy cutting operation Spindle bearings constant mist lubrication

Various equipment which enables continuous automatic operation

A combination of enclosures cover and hinge belt conveyor contain coolant and disposes of chips more efficiently

Hardened and ground spindle

In addition to air-oil mist over-sized spindle bearings, the entire unit is nitrided, hardened and precision ground to assure accuracy over the lift of the machine

Box-way with airlifting

Combining the standard equipment of large size diameter ballscrew and Box-way guide with the air-lifting system, high precision positioning with a high load workpiece were realized

CNC system

The intelligent TOSNUC 999 features many functions for high machining accuracy and productivity

General view and Machine Layout

Machine specifications

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