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How to select the best machine(s) ?

The best machine selection first as to the die and mold making

Select suitable machine for Die & Mold processing

BTD-110H.R16  8,000min<sup>-1</sup>

BTD-110H.R16 8,000min-1

The Die & Mold processing machine of our company is large in products offered from a Vertical, Horizontal type machine, and small size to large size. We introduce various machines here. In addition, we can supply vertical turning machine, deep-hole machine and etc. for Die and Mold processing. Please consult to our company without reserve also about High speed machining, 5 axis machining, incline machining, thrust machining and special software for Die and Mold processing.

A high speed and high precision processing require "rigidity".

&pi; Frame

π Frame

"Mechanical sufficient rigidity is required also for moving correctly as an instruction (Finish cutting), and heavy cutting (Rough cutting). Not only the rigidity of a column or a bed but the rigidity of a slide way or feed mechanism with minimal bucklash are required. The conditions of the outstanding machine are that geometric accuracy (Perpendicular between X, Y and Z) are good, and aging is small. As for Die & Mold processing machine of our company, all the basic structures are built strongly."

A high-performance machine tools

RAINBOW cutter

RAINBOW cutter

Our products have several type of special software such as unmanned operation, approach to workpiece, high-speed spindle and high-speed feedrate for die & mold machining.. In order to improve die & mold machining, we need "Manufacturing system Innovation". Would you consider our technologies?

Improvement by manufacturing technologies



Would you talk about shop diagnosis, machining method, cutting holder, cutting tool, NC program and so on?