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New concept machine that is highly cost effective and assures higher productivity and performance

Main features

Minimal floor space in the processing of large workpieces

Installation area is minimized to rectangular shape which allow a 75% saving in space when compared of a conventional type table travel machine 4.9 meter machine height is beneficial when confronted with a factory that has a low ceil

High accuracy & High rigidity

Crossrail, which travel on wall column, is supported by two rigid and stable saddles and has low gravity center to assure high accuracy and rigidity. Mono-block casted spindle head has full closed carefully adjusted guide for square ram (ram section is 380 x 380mm).

Better accessibility & Easy chip discharge

Table top is the same as the shop floor level eliminating steps in order to give the operator bellow accessibility and efficiency in operation. Wall columns prevent chips from accumulating around the machine and are located along both sides of the table in the longitudinal direction supported by guide-ways for bridge travel in the X direction.

CNC system TOSNUC PX100

TOSNUC PX100, a personal computer architecture. Integrated into our TOSNUC controller developed specifically to enhance our CNC controller with higher performance functions and even more versatility. Our goal to create more innovative features that support easier operation thus contributing to an increase in productivity and machine performance.

General view and Machine Layout

Machine specifications

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