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MPC-E II series

MPC-E II series

Crossrail-Elevated Double Column Type Machining Center

Main features

The attachment system including various types of attachments is adopted to be capable of a variety of machining

Angle head, 5-Face Cutter Head, 1° Indexing Head (option) is adopted to be capable of variety of machining

Wide range of machine size variations

The machine size can be variously changed by combining a distance between columns such as 2100mm, 2600mm, 3100mm, or 3600mm with various table sizes.

High Speed and High Torque Spindle

The spindle incorporated in the ram adopts maximum spindle speed of 4000min-1 (standard) or 6000min-1 (option). Each spindle having a large capacity of maximum torque of 1528 N-m exhibits excellent cutting performance

Rapid feed performance

Roller guideways adopted for X, Y, and W axes Rapid traverse (X, Y axis): 25 m/min (MPC-2140EⅡ-3160EⅡ)

CNC system TOSNUC 999

High-Performance CNC controller

General view and Machine Layout

Machine specifications

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