Product Information

Alteration Example of Diesinking Machine

Key alteration points

Alteration Example of Diesinking Machine
  • Numerically controlled (FANUC-18M)
  • Newly added spindle head unit
  • Ball screw for each axis
  • Repair of machine tools
 Before alterationAfter alteration
Table movement length4,300mm4,300mm
Quill vertical movement length450mm600mm
Spindle head horizontal movement length2,500mm2,500mm
Spindle speed20 to 1,000mm/min3,000mm/min
Spindle rapid traverse900mm/min4,800mm/min
Spindle head rapid traverse2,400mm/min8,000mm/min
Table rapid traverse4,800mm/min8,000mm/min
Spindle motorAC22KW30KW/37KW