Product Information

Alteration Example of Large-sized Altered Lathe

Key alteration points

Alteration Example of Large-sized Altered Lathe
  • Numerically controlled
  • Newly added right/left tool rest
  • Ball screw feed
  • Altered method of hydrostatic pressure of table sliding surface
  • Newly added pendant crane Installation of automatic measurement equipment

After alteration
Table diameterφ6,000mm
Maximum workpiece diameter for machiningφ9,000mm
Allowable maximum load of workpiece100t
Table revolutions0.3 to 15min-1
Stroke right saddle feed5,200mm
Left saddle feed5,000mm
Ram feed2,100mm
Rapid traverse saddle feed2,400mm/min
Ram feed2,400mm/min
Feed speed saddle feed0 to 1,200mm/min
Ram feed0 to 1,200mm/min