Product Information

Updating the Oil Cooler

Updating the oil cooler (new coolant/energy-saving type)

  • Have you had any trouble with the oil cooler functions?
  • We provide a free inspection of your oil cooler as well.Inspection will be done according to the inspection manual.Please feel free to ask.
  • We replace the oil cooler.
  • During inspection, we put a notice sticker regarding CFC Recovery and Destruction Law.
  • If your oil cooler is used for more than 10 years, the repair cost could be relatively high.

Supported models



Energy saving type - The inverter control provides a 40 percent energy saving potential (in the case of Daikin oil cooler).
New environmental friendly coolant is used (R407 - Ozone depleting potential is"0").

We will provide a quote and repair details based on your requirements.

CFC Recovery and Destruction Law came into effect on April 1, 2002.
Emitting fluorocarbons without good reason is prohibited.
When disposing an oil cooler, it is required by the law that fluorocarbons must be recovered by Type-1 fluorocarbons recovery operators.