Product Information

Sevice Business

Supplying service parts and tooling

We promptly supply service parts of various machines.

The spindle taper hole deteriorates due to long-term use and accidental crashes.
Our spindle taper hole grinder and expert's technique can renew a spindle taper hole.

We can make a complex mechanism of reduction gears into a slim and simple mechanism.
That makes a quiet environment with few machine noise.
A small lightweight grip can control operation; heavy handle operation is no longer necessary.

Because spindle drive system of the machining center has been updated, repair time and parts are no longer concerns.
We are pleased to help update to the new control device.

Old oil cooler could be an error cause.
An environment friendly cooler is good for ecology.Let us take a look at your cooler first.

Off course, the chain for supporting a heavy spindle head has a lifespan.
Inspecting it in detail is necessary.

Failing to replacing the NC battery may cost a lot of time and money for recovery.
Install the battery box for operation safety and security!

Programming and operation of machine tools

We provide guidance on NC programming and machine operation.

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