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Products Line-up

Consisting of high precision machine, glass mold press machine, imprint machine, and special equipment, our varied products lineup delivers the best nano processing solutions.

High Precision Aspeheric and Free-form Surface Grinder ULC/ULG Series, LG Series

This series has a capability of turning and grinding spherical, aspheric and free-form surface and is a high quality and high cost performance machine, realizing precision machining of glass lenses and effective machining of molds.

High Precision Machining Center UVM-450C

High quality and high cost-performance general purpose machine adopting the core technologies of ultra-high precision machine elements.
It enables high efficient and high quality machining for precise molds, semiconductor related recision parts and so on.

High Precision Micro-grooving Machine UMP-D Series

High precision and high efficiency machining for various grooving such as straight and curved line with a single crystal diamond tool is possible. It applies with up sizing of LCD and enables high precision machining of light guiding plate molds up to maximum of 70 inches.

High Precision Grooving Lathe Machine ULR Series

High precision and high efficiency grooving for a prism sheet, linear fresnel lens and lenticular lens molds is possible.

This series has a capability of high precision machining for hard and brittle materials such as SiC, glass, fine ceramics, etc. using a single or multi-diamond-blades and realizes a high quality and high cost performance machine.

High Precision Optical Glass Mold Press Machine GMP Series

Molding of optical elements with high precision, high quality and high productivity due to molding with heating and pressing optical glass and fused silica, etc. is possible.
Moveover, Die-molding Fix System or Die-molding Transfer System can be chosen corresponding to application or production precess.

Micro-pattern Imprinting Machine ST Series

Micro-pattern imprinting for various micronized elements from micrometer to nanometer size is possible precisely due to the high precision pressing control of positioning and pressing force.

Ultra High Precision Flat Polygon Mirror Generator UFG-80C(P)

High precise and high efficiency machining for soft metal materials such as aluminum alloy or copper is possible, using a single crystal diamond tool.

High Precision Turning Machine UTD Series

High precision and high efficiency machining for big-diameter fresnel lens molds is possible.

This division helps customers to solve their issues by providing special equipment using our core technologies.