Product Information

Micro-Pattern Imprinting Machine ST Series



Micro-pattern imprinting machine ST50 has the features of high-precision control of the press position and press force. It is a high-precision transcriber that can imprint fine-shaped various elements on the micrometer to nanometer order, which are important in the IT, electronics, biotechnology, life science, environment, and energy sectors.


  • The high resolution XY stage that supports step and repeat imprinting can be equipped. (Option)
  • The vacuum chamber that supports imprinting in vacuum can be equipped. (Option)
  • The ST head that enables uniform pressure distribution on the imprinting surface can be equipped. (Option)
  • The high-performance man-machine interface is equipped.

Main Specifications

Main specifications
Mold size*Up to φ68 mm (UV imprinting)
Press axisPress force setting range0 to 50 kN
Stroke setting range0 to 150 mm
Speed setting range0.01 to 30 mm/s
Temperature control*to 300°C
Dimensions L × W × H1.9 m × 1.0 m × 2.3 m
Machine mass2800 kg
Supported clean level cleanness classISO Class 6 (FED-STD209 Class 1000)
Power supply220/200 V AC, 60/50 Hz
Necesory power sorce capacity15KVA (40A)
Air source0.6 MPa, 300 NL/min

*Based on consultation

Main Option
Item Contents
ST head *1 Mechanism for uniform distribution of transcription surface pressure
XY stage High-resolution XY stage
Vacuum chamber Regular vacuum degree: 1000Pa, A stage can be built in
UV irradiation device For UV imprinting
Loading device Robot for carrying in materials and carrying out products

*1 Uniform pressure distribution is needed for imprinting molding. Based on the status of imprinted material, the ST head control dispersion of transcription surface pressure distribution to enable high rate of uniform transcription.

*1) Consult us for specifications other than the above.
*2) Supplying clean air is needed when the vacuum chamber is equipped.