Product Information

Ultra High Precision Flat Polygon Mirror Generator UFG-80C(P)

Main Specifications

Tail Stock (option) equipped machine

Tail Stock (option) equipped machine

(*) FANUC Series21i-MB is separately installed as CNC equipment

Main SpecificationsUFG-80C(P)
Allowance dimension of workpiece
(maximum diameter of an inscribed circle)
φ80 mm/4,5 mirrors
φ90 mm/6 mirrors or more
TravelCutting Feed Table (X) x Infeed Saddle (Z)70 mm × 85 mm
Work Indexing Head (A)Unlimited
Cutter spindle speed300 - 400 min-1
FeedrateX, Z: 10 - 1250 mm/min, A: 10 - 1250 deg/min
Programming resolutionX, Z: 0.0001 mm, A: 0.0001 deg.
CNC systemFANUC Series 21i-MB
Machine mass1500 kg