Product Information

The History of Extrusion Machine Business

SE Single Screw Extruders

1950s1950Completed first Single screw extruder
1960s1964Completed 300mm size Single screw extruder

Developed Uni-Melt screw
1970s1972Completed SE High Power series (50-300mm size)
1975Completed 650mm size plastics-on-steel pipe coating equipument
1980s1980Developed High-Uni-Melt screw
1990s1991Developed Extrusion Analyzer

TEM Co-rotating Twin Screw Extruders / TEC Conical Type counter-rotating Twin Screw Extruders

Co-rotating Twin Screw Extruders
Conical Type counter-rotating Twin Screw Extruders
Completed a co-rotating twin screw extruder (TS) for PVC
1960s1965Developed a co-rotating twin screw extruder (TE) for rigid PVC
1970s1973Developed counter-rotating parallel twin screw extruder (TED)
1976Developed TEM series extruder (TEM-50 and 100)
Developed TEC series extruder (TEC-55)
1980s1987Developed high torque twin screw compounder (TEM-100BH)
Completed TEC-67 extruder
1990s1990Developed deep groove high toruque twin screw extruder (TEM-BS series)Completed TEC-47 extruder
1995NFM Welding engineer, Inc.,(U.S.A)has been our good partner since 1995. They produce and sell our twin-screw extruders in the North American market.
1997Developed deep groove high speed high toruque twin screw extruder (TEM-SS series)
Completed TEC-87 extruder
2000s2001Developed L/D100 twin screw extruder for reactive processing
2004Developed small size screw extruder (TEM-26SS) for reseach & development
2006Line-up ultra deep channel Twin-screw extruders (TEM-DS)
20082008 Developed small size screw extruder (TEM-18SS/DS) for research & deve

SPU Sheet Manufacturing Equipment

1960s1960First in japan, completed PS sheet manufacturing equipment
1968Completed foamed plastics board manufacturing equipment
1969Completed double-wall hollow sheet manufacturing equipment
1970s1974Completed multi-layer sheet manufacturing equipment
1977Developed optical precision PMMA sheet manufacturing equipment
1980s1986Completed direct sheet manufacturing equipment
1987Completed PC corrugated sheet manufacturing equipment
1990s1990Completed eleven (11) layers sheet manufacturing equipment
1999Developed CO2 gas foamed sheet manufacturing equipment
2000s2001Developed ultra high precision thin sheet manufacturing equipment
2005Equipped ultra high precision small pilot machine for thin sheet

FPU Film Manufacturing Equipment

1950s1958Completed bi-axial oriented film manufacturing equipment
1960s1962Completed 3,000mm wide film manufacturing equipment, largest in Japan
1968Completed bi-axial oriented PS film manufacturing equipment
1970s1972Exported bi-axial oriented PP film manufacturing equipment
1977Exported bi-axial oriented PET film manufacturing equipment
1980s1980Developed bi-axial oriented PVA film manufacturing equipment
1990s1997Developed high precision optical film manufacturing equipment
2000s2001Equipped bi-axial oriented film manufacturing equipment to develop film manufacturing process
2007Developed simultaneous Bi-axial streching machine

CMT Coating Machines

1980s1983Exported magnetic tape manufacturing equipment
1990s1994Completed rechargeable battery coating manufacturing equipment
1999Developed ultra high precision coating dies (TDP series)
2000s2001Developed ultra high precision coating units (CR)
2002Completed optical precision coating equipment
2006Equiped high precision test coating machine

GSN Rotogravure Printing Presses

1950s1954First in japan, developped rotogravure printing press
1957Developed rotogravure printing press for films
1960s1963Developed rotogravure printing press for heavy bags
1966Developed GC series
1970s1977Developed GP series for publish printing
1979Developed GB series
1980s1984Developed GS series (installed a lot in CHINA)
1989Developed GL series for factory automation
1990s1995Developed GBN series for high speed printing
1998First in the world, developped sectional drive rotogravure printing press (GSN series)
2000s2005Developed compensator-less rotogravure printing press

CONTROLLER Automatic Processing Equipment

1980s1982Developed AUTOMICRON thickness controll system

Developed EXTVISOR extrusion controll system
1990s1990Developed EXTVISOR-III
1994Developed Bank Monitoring system
1996Developed EXTVISOR-IV
2000s2005Developed EXTVISOR-V