Product Information

Process controller (EXTVISOR)

Features of EXTVISOR-V


A comprehensive-type process controller

A versatile system with control capability covering from a single machine to total production line for pellet, sheet, film and others.

FMS compatible

Standardly equipped with Ethernet, an extensive communication function. It is designed for an FMS including a group management system to realize production management by remote control.

Excellent operability

A clear image of a full-colored LCD and a touch panel allow even a beginner to quickly select a desired screen and learn its operation.


Incorporates TOSHIBA MACHINE's most advanced NC technology and years of practical experience, resulting in an easy to learn and operate system with unsurpassed reliability.

Various functions

Equipped with all required extruder functions to meet the diversified needs of all customers.

Measurement data collection

Saves all measured data during extruder operation in a CSV format.


Production control

  • Group monitoring (Monitoring-Record Indication)
  • Quality control
  • Production direction

Medium control

  • Data distribution and editing

Control & monitor

  • Temp. control
  • Drive control
  • Sequence control
  • Monitoring
  • PID control

Operation and Display

Display unit800x600 dots, full-colored LCD
Input keysOperation through touch panel

Temperature Control

InputJ (IC), K (CA) or PT (100Ω)
8 points
Max. 128 points
Control motionPID control (heating and cooling)
OutputHeating ; SSR drive output
Cooling ; Relay output
Heating ; Current output
Cooling ; Current output, SSR drive output

Drive Control

Analog inputDC0 - ±10 V, DC0 - ±5V, DC4 - 20mA
8 pointsMax. 32 points
Analog outputDC0 - ±10 V, DC0 - ±5V, DC4 - 20mA
4 pointsMax. 16 points
Di32 pointsTotal Di+Do; Max. 2,048 points
Do32 points



USB compatible printer

Host communication

Conforming to Ethernet and RS485

Data storage

CF card (Type 1 based)


Custom programmed screen PID control (pressure, tension, etc.)


On-line monitor software

Common specifications

Power supply

  • AC100/110V 50/60Hz
  • AC200/220V 50/60Hz