Product Information

SPU / Sheet Manufacturing Direct Extrusion System

Screw for Twin-Screw Extruders

Screw for Twin-Screw Extruders

Direct extrusion is new system, using twin screw extruders improving on simplified process and space saving.
It is variably adopted from the general-purpose sheet and film to the optical.



1. Enhanced pormance

Sheet manufacturing Equipment on TEM

Sheet manufacturing Equipment on TEM

  • It has the outstanding high compounding and high dispersion, and can process simultaneously possible in two or more material.
  • Operation conditions are very large and many resins can be responded.

2. Improved functions

  • Operation conditions are very large and many resins can be responded. Since TEM-SS series has Super-High torque, low-speed extrusion and low-temperature fabrication are possible for it, and it can supply quality sheet and film product.
  • Since there are many throughput of extrusion per screw rotation, the mass extrusion in a small machine is possible. It can respond to space saving.

3. Saving energy

  • Compared to single screw extruders, less specific energy results in decreased running cost. (Saving electro power)
  • The loss of the raw material switch can be decreased to quick change in the operation conditions, and the raw material price be saved.
Advantage of Direct Extrusion SystemFormMain final applicationMain resin
Omission of pelletizing processSheetFood packaging, Construction materialPP, PC, PMMA
Sensitized MaterialElastomer
FilmPackaging, Label for bottlePP
Omission of drying processSheetFood Packaging, Blister PackagePET, PBT, Biodegradable polymer
FilmPackaging, Label for bottlePET, PBT, PEN
Organic high mixing uniform in dispersionSheetForm tray, Form package, CushionPS, PP, PS+PP
Battery separatorPE, PP
FilmPackaging, Material of LCDPVA
Breathable filmPE
Increase of mixture rate of same specific gravity as fluffSheetFood packaging, Construction material, Blister packagePET, PET-G, PP, PE, PS, PC
Optical sheetPMMA, PC
FilmPackaging, Label for bottlePET, PET-G, PP, PS, PC
Extension of extrusion conditionsSheet, FilmVariousAlmost resin
Effective of resin temperature control