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Polishing Unit for SPU

Features of polishing unit

The extruder supplied from TOSHIBA MACHINE is characterized as, Higher rigidity and better quality for challenging in the optical world to the order of nanometer, More flexibility for supporting extension to diversified extruding operations, Unsurpassed higher accuracy and control. It evolves, backed up by the universal technology.

  • To assure favorable transfer and easy production of roll surface to sheets, total measures are taken to reduce gear marks.
  • Thanks to the use of the special soft construction roll (UM roll), production with a metallic touch roll is possible, which can optimize elasticity and rigidity for thin-walled sheets of 0.5 mm to 0.1 mm (minimum).
  • The use of the bank monitor allows quantitative bank adjustment and bank pattern control, which have been conducted in the past by a skilled operator. Thus, the very effective tool can be supplied to make customers acquire and maintain an ISO 9000 certificate.
  • The patented high-accuracy phase alignment technology contributes largely in the production of precise pattern sheets.
  • The use of the hydraulic servo cylinder realizes a edgeless mechanism, easy clearance adjustment and remarkable repeatability.
Features of polishing unit

Vertical type polishing roll unit, Horizontal type polishing roll unit, Diagonal type polishing roll unit, Grinding of roll

Roll variations for Sheet Forming

We have a rigid and special elastic toll, including a patterned roll and apply to by various roll in the touch roll sheet forming. (Thickness range 20μm-20mm) Forming will be change depending on your selection of rolls. It can make wide range of products.

Roll vsriations for Sheet Forming