Product Information

Roll-to-Roll type UV imprinting machine Compact Model for R&D


  • Roll to roll type UV imprinting machine became compact and low-cost. A continuous steady imprinting was achieved by high accuracy and a high rigidity.
  • Supports 100 mm & 200 mm film width Suitable for basic validation of the imprint process

CMT-120U Basic Specifications

Feed rate 0.1 - 3m/min
Imprinting Width 60 - 80mm
Mold Size Width: Less than 100mm Thickness: Less than 0.2mm
UV Lamp Metal halide Lamp
Lighting width: 100mm
Lighting power: 120W/cm
Film Film Width: 100mm

CMT-120U Main Specifications

  • Base: Plastic film, max. width 100 mm
  • Speed: 0.1 to 3 m/min
  • Coating: UV-curable resin
  • coating width: 60 mm, 80 mm (select)