Product Information

Roll-to-Roll type UV imprinting machine Pilot/Mass-production Model

Process validation on mass production technology

  • Optimizing coating depth, nip amount, nip pressure
  • Film base handling tension control, line speed
  • Matching of the film base and UV-curable resin
  • Molding shape evaluation
  • selection of UV-curable resin

Outline specifications CMT-400U (Our test machine)

Feed rate 0.2 - 10m/min
Imprinting Width 100 - 230mm
Mold Size Width: Less than 300mm Thickness: Less than 0.25mm
UV Lamp Electrodeless Lamp
Lighting width: 254mm
Lighting power: 240W/cm
Film Film Width: 100mm
Diameter: Less than 400mm
Thickness: Less than 200μm
Core Size: 3inch, 6inch
UV-resin Viscosity 50 - 2000 mPa·s