Product Information

Vertical Articulated Robot TVL700

Machine Design Award


Cost-effective performance


It provides a vertical articulated robot arm length 700mm with Cost-effective performance.

Special features

Tap holes

Tap holes

Tool fixture tap holes are provided at four locations on the arm, upper and lower positions.
They are useful for fixing external cabling and peripheral devices.

1st arm equipped with a T-groove as standard

1st arm equipped with a T-groove as standard

The T-groove can be used to place tools, cabling and DIN rails in position.

Alternative installations

Alternative installations

Tap holes on the side of the base unit allow for the robot to be installed sideways.

Variety of options

Robot controller cable options

Robot controller cable options

In addition to the standard cabling at the back, cabling can be routed through the base.
This eliminates the need for installation space at the rear, and increases flexibility relating to the application and the space available.

I/O panel options

The I/O panel can be selected from three options.
An optional elbow type plug is available on the hand-side connection. (Option)

I/O panel options

IP65 option

Dust-proof and drip-proof protection is available if required.

Compact controller


Controller TSL3100 specifically designed for the vertical articulated robot.


Arm lengthTotal length700mm
1st arm400mm
2nd arm300mm
Working envelopeAxis 1 (J1)±170°
Axis 2 (J2)-90 ∼ +165°
Axis 3 (J3)0 ∼ +165°
Axis 4 (J4)±190°
Axis 5 (J5)±120°
Axis 6 (J6)±360°
Maximum speedAxis 1 (J1)295°/s
Axis 2 (J2)270°/s
Axis 3 (J3)295°/s
Axis 4 (J4)422°/s
Axis 5 (J5)422°/s
Axis 6 (J6)696°/s
Composite *1 7.71m/s
Maximum payload mass *1
4kg(rated: 1kg)
(Downward: 5kg)
Standard cycle time *2
0.4sec level
Allowable moment
of inertia
Axis 4, 5 *10.09kg·m2
Axis 60.1kg·m2
Positioning repeatability *3X, Y, Z±0.03mm
Position detecting system

Absolute system/
AC servo motor

Power supply1.5kVA
Robot body
Color *4white/blue

*1: Speed and acceleration are limited depending on motion patterns, payload mass, and offset value. 
*2: Continuous operation of standard cycle motion pattern is not possible beyond the effective load ratio. 
(Horizontal 300 mm, vertical 25 mm, round-trip, coarse positioning)
*3: One way positioning repeatability when the environment temperature is constant at 20 degrees Celsius. Absolute position accuracy is not ensured.
*4: Painting color may vary depending on the production lot. It does not affect the quality of the product.

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