Product Information

Features of the BS Servo Amplifier Series

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This series offers three types of amplifiers with different functionalities.The customer can choose a type that best suits individual application.

  • The standard servo amplifier has pulse train input/analog input command system and allows operations of the speed, current, position, speed/current/position, direct feed and draw control modes.
  • The tiny positioner amplifier is specially designed for the PTP positioning purpose. It has the point designation method and position data direct command system and supports the DeviceNet, CC-Link, RS485 and I/O
  • The VLBus-V servo amplifier is a link amplifier which connects positioning unit NCBOY-200 or - 3200 on the master side via optical communication when when high-grade positioning control, synchronous operation, etc. are required.

High speed

High-speed control is realized by the use of speed/current control loop hardware and high-speed sampling of motor sensor.

High performance

The amplifier incorporates the damping function. when it is used for a machine of low rigidity construction, stable transfer operation is possible.

Easy adjustment

  • You can select either of the four auto tuning modes according the servo system condition.
  • You can perform setting of various parameters, frequency analysis, profile measurement, input/output status display, alarm display, etc. on the personal computer, using VelWin, The software designed for the Windows.

Protection function

The servo system is protected by strengthening the main circuit protection and by various servo alarms detecting function.

Strictly observing RoHs Directive (008P2 - 200P3)

Lead, mercury, cadmium or any other hazardous substance, use of which is prohibited, in not contained.

TOKYO MAIN BRANCH: 81-(0)3-3509-0270
NUMAZU HEADQUARTERS: 81-(0)55-926-5032