Product Information


High-value added controls and functions

Improvements of control performance and functions.

  • Improvement in high-speed control by 40%.
  • User definable output signals for auxiliary and peripheral equipments.
  • Equipped with stand-alone data management software "iPAQET LiTE"

15 inch TFT color liquid crystal display has been adopted for the operation panel. It is easy to see and user friendly.


15 inch screen

  • Setting screen of list
  • Temperature, Injection, Clamp, Ejector and Timer condition can be set on one screen.
  • Wide split screen - Step key/Ten keys
  • User Defined Signal Output
  • Function succession from V30

Operation Panel

Operation Panel

Current value: Actual value of latest shot

Current value

History: Display in 7line


Current Condition: Process, Motor duty

Current Condition

Profile: Injection profile, Charging profile


Monitoring table: Display selected items.

Monitoring table

Maintenance: Motor torque, I/O condition, Timer set value, specification figure etc,.


Product: Display production progress


Calculator: "+, -, ×, ÷", Unit conversion