Product Information

All Electric Injection Molding Machine EC-S series

Achieving high productivity and precise steady molding

All Electric Injection Molding Machine EC-S series

 Giving high performance to the product demands "Thin wall and minuteness" on injection-molded product, and requires "Steady molding" as its precondition. The pursuit of "High-speed cycle molding" is indispensable to the price cutting of product. EC-S series is the "Global standard machine greatly improving the basic performance" developed with the concept of "Precision and steady molding" and "High productivity" from such background.

Product Introduction

1) New mold clamping unit (Solid Clamp)

Mold opening and closing and ejection operation with further increased speed contribute to high productivity.

  1. New toggle mechanism: link line toggle + double rigid plate
    - Size down of the machine is achieved since molding by lower clamping force than conventional device is possible.
  2. Dynamic acceleration/deceleration control (Patent pending)
     - High response and shock-less mold opening and closing is possible at any position.
  3. High response ejection
    - Contributes to shortening of cycle time.
  4. Grease-less tie rod
    - Supplies no grease to tie rods preventing grease adhesion to molded products or the mold and provides clean work environment.
    - Rust proofing on the hopper prevents mixing of rust or refuse into product.

2) New injection unit S-Cube (Simple, Steady, Smooth)

Takes over powerful filling performance in high speed and high pressure range and achieves steady molding by smooth movement

  1. Friction-free drive
    - Lessens the influence of disturbance and controls back pressure at high accuracy.
    - Improves the charge stability of low back pressure setting in low-viscosity resin molding.
  2. Accuracy improvement in injection pressure and back pressure
    - Greatly improves accuracy in the low pressure zone used as back pressure.
    - Achieves steady and good product molding without variation among machines.

3) New controller (INJECTVISOR-S50)

Achieves high productivity and precise stability by great improvement in control performance.

  1. Improvement in high-speed control by 40%
    - Enables minimizing the variation in shift to hold positions.
  2. High performance HMI (Human-Machine Interface)
    - 10.4-inch color display providing simple image
    - Supporting Japanese, Chinese, English, Thai and Korean

4) New screw (BF screw)

  • Screw variation matched to diversified resin types is available.
  • BF screw intended to prevent generation of black spot is newly added.

Major Specifications