Product Information

Hybrid Molding Machine ED series Ultra Large-size [ED1300/1800]

Hybrid drive realizing space saving, energy saving and high-speed cycle

Hybrid Molding Machine ED series Ultra Large-size [ED1300/1800]

The ED series is the strongest series that achieves energy saving, space-saving, high-speed cycle, and high-value addition. The machine adopts the hybrid mold clamping unit that unites the mold opening and closing by electric servomotor drive with hydraulic type high-pressure mold clamp. The machine decreases pump drive motor capacity by 80% compared with a conventional hydraulic machine, to promote energy saving. The machine also reduces hydraulic fluid quantity by 84% compared with the hydraulic machine and greatly lowers environmental load.


The original technology that synchronously controls two or more servomotors carries out compound operation of "1) opening and closing the mold, 2) driving tie rods at the speed the same as the mold and 3) closing the half nut", to achieve further shortening of operation cycle.

Product Introduction

The total length of ED1800 lowers below 12 m attaining the minimum space in the world. In addition, the machine adopts our original technology that synchronously controls multiple servomotors for mold opening and closing and achieves high-speed and accurate mold opening and closing (patented) while contributing to high-speed cycle. The machine has a lot of features that cannot be seen on other companies units, where various value-added molding can be easily executed (injection compression, injection press or core back molding, etc.) by the combination of the direct operated electric mold opening and closing mechanism and hydraulic pressure rise mechanism.

1) Space saving

Direct lock type mold clamping unit

2) Energy saving

  1. All electric injection unit
  2. Hybrid mold clamping unit
    -Electric and direct operated mold opening and closing drive mechanism
    -Electric tie rod synchronous drive mechanism
  3. Energy saving hydraulic unit

3) High-speed cycle

  1. Shortening of dry cycle time with hybrid mold clamping unit
  2. High-speed injection and charge lap operation with all electric injection unit
  3. Lap operation by electric ejection
  4. Shortening of pressure build-up and release time with small capacity mold clamp cylinder

4) Reduction of fraction defective

  1. High response and steady molding by electric injection
  2. Making high quality with INJECTVISOR-V30 molding software
  3. Low-pressure molding with "ACTROLIII" (option)

5) Operability and expandability

  1. V30 controller
  2. High performance monitor system "IPAQET" (option) matched to Ethernet communication.
  3. Application matched to high-value added molding (core back and injection press)(option)

Major Specifications