Product Information

Hybrid Molding Machine ED series Ultra Large-size [ED2500/3000/3500]

World's largest class ultra-large electric injection molding machine

Hybrid Molding Machine ED series Ultra Large-size [ED2500/3000/3500]

The ED series has a feature of steady molding by means of all-electric injection unit. The clamping unit adopts electric high-speed mold opening and closing and ejection mechanism based on the straight hydraulic mold clamping unit with results of hydraulic machines. Then the series is the world's largest class ultra-large electric injection molding machine that achieves space saving and high-speed cycle, and high-speed high-response mold opening and closing.

Product Introduction

The main target of the machine is to achieve high-speed cycle of bumper molding by adopting wide mold platen. Especially the deflection-less movable platen achieves steady burr-less molding and contributes to high productivity. In addition the electric mold opening and closing mechanism assures high-speed and accurate mold opening and closing operation, and our original four-tie rod synchronous control achieves compound operation of half nut opening and closing for tie rod locking without useless time. Moreover mold opening and closing and tie rod synchronous control technology facilitates the development to high-value added molding such as core back, injection compression or injection press, and satisfies the needs of diversified mold products.On the other hand, the injection unit secures high response and high steady injection performance with the use of newly developed direct drive motor, and enables high-speed cycle steady molding at high plasticizing capacity.

1) Space saving

Direct lock type mold clamping unit

2) Energy saving

  1. All electric injection unit
  2. Hybrid mold clamping unit -Electric and direct operated mold opening and closing drive mechanism -Electric tie rod synchronous drive mechanism
  3. Energy saving hydraulic unit

3) High-speed cycle

  1. Shortening of dry cycle time with hybrid mold clamping unit
  2. High-speed injection and charge lap operation with all electric injection unit
  3. Lap operation by electric ejection
  4. Shortening of pressure build-up and release time with small capacity mold clamp cylinder

4) Reduction of fraction defective

  1. High response and steady molding by electric injection
  2. Burr-less molding using two-piece mold platen (standard equipment)
  3. Making high quality with INJECTVISOR-V30 molding software
  4. Low-pressure molding with "ACTROLIII" (option)

5) Operability and expandability

  1. V30 controller
  2. High performance monitor system "iPAQET" (option) matched to Ethernet communication.
  3. Application matched to high-value added molding (core back and injection press)(option)

Major Specifications