Product Information

Hybrid Molding Machine ED series Large-size [ED650/850]

Hybrid drive realizing space saving, energy saving and high-speed cycle

Hybrid Molding Machine ED series Large-size [ED650/850]

The ED series is the strongest series in the class that achieves energy saving, space-saving, high-speed cycle, and high-value addition. The machine adopts the hybrid mold clamping unit that unites the mold opening and closing by electric servomotor drive with hydraulic type high-pressure mold clamp. The machine decreases pump drive motor capacity by 80% compared with a conventional hydraulic machine, to promote energy saving. The machine also reduces hydraulic fluid quantity by 84% compared with the hydraulic machine and greatly lowers environmental load. 


The original technology that synchronously controls two or more servomotors carries out compound operation of "1) opening and closing the mold, 2) driving tie rods at the speed the same as the mold and 3) closing the half nut", to achieve further shortening of operation cycle.

Product Introduction

1) Space saving

Further evolution was accomplished succeeding to the reliability of the direct lock type mold clamping unit.Then the total length of the machine is shortened compared with the conventional all electric toggle type.

All electric 850 tonsEC850 11.4m Difference 1.9m
Electric 850 tonsED8509.5m

2) High-speed cycle

High response acceleration and deceleration characteristic are achieved by driving a newly developed servomotor with a self-manufactured amplifier and our original control technology. This enables highly reliable high-speed cycle molding.

3) Energy saving

Energy saving rate is improved by combining the electric hybrid mold clamping unit and all electric injection unit. Moreover the mold clamp cylinder capacity is made compact to minimize hydraulic fluid quantity.

4) Operability

The controller that pursues visibility and operability is installed. Various numeric values can be set directly with the touch panel. Moreover all screens are classified according to the hierarchies. It is possible to call up the required screen instantaneously. The monitor system for collective management of machines distributed in respective plants is available as option.

Major Specifications