Product Information

Hydraulic Injection Molding Machine IS-GS Medium-size series

Space required with enhanced essential functions and performance

Hydraulic Injection Molding Machine IS-GS Medium-size series

The IS-GS/GT series of compactly designed medium and large-size machines of have been built with newly improved functions and increased performance for production of high value added molded products. Stable molding is assured by the adoption of NCC (numerical closed-loop control), developed based on our advanced numerical control technology used on machine tools. Two types of mold clamping units, a GS or a GT, are available. In addition, due to a customer-oriented ordering system, the user is able to select the optimum screw and molding system which will be most suitable for their molding requirements.

Product Introduction

  1. The GS type, being more than 15% shorter in length than conventional models, is highly rigid for extended mold life, yet has such hydraulic machine characteristics as easy mold change, a widen platen and longer daylight. It employs a high-response, prefill valve for faster cycling time. A mold clamping block circuit can also be installed for further increased energy savings.
  2. TOSHIBA MACHINE'S wide selection of screws assures quality molding for each and every type of resin and product.
  3. This new series with a high speed processor and flexibility is provided with easy access to advanced functions. (INJECTVISOR V50)

Major Specifications