Toshiba Machine - Auxiliary Equipment

Toshiba Machine (Chennai) Pvt. Ltd one of the pioneers in manufacture of Injection Molding Machines & Auxiliary Systems for over two decades are serving the Industry with expertise and proven solutions in enhancing the bottom line of Plastic Processing Industry be it Injection Molding, Blow Molding, Extrusion, Roto molding, Thermoforming, Rubber, Die Casting and Compression Molding by providing the state-of-the-art technology to its Esteemed Clients across the Globe.

Blending Units:

blending units

Toshiba Machine blending units help in mixing precise percentages of additives or masterbatch at the feed-throat of the machine in an injection molding, blow molding or extrusion molding process. Volumetric blending units and Gravimetric (measured by weight) blending units are on offer in a variety of sizes.

In the volumetric system, The additive/color dosing unit has a motor driven screw metering dosing system fed by a small hopper, which dispenses additive at a pre-set rate into the flow of polymer pellets via a connection flange on to the machine. Upto three units are available for metering different types of additive into the same processing machine.

Salient features of Toshiba Machine Volumetric Blending Units:

  • Consistent dosing with brush less motor
  • PLC supported control
  • Saving on additives, high repeatability
  • Inclined Screw Setting for accurate dosing

blending units

In the gravimetric system,The additive/color dosing unit is based on a load cell concept. The material is weighed every cycle based on the requisite value-percentage set in the system before dosing. The accuracy level in a gravimetric system in comparatively higher.

Salient features of Toshiba Machine Gravimetric Blending Units:

  • Precise Dosing of pellets & additives
  • PLC with touch panel
  • Saving on additives, high productivity
  • Consistent Batches & Quality
  • Up to 100 variants storage in the system
  • Dedicated PLC Module for Load Cell
  • Central Mixing Unit with Mech. stirrer
  • Pneumatic slide gate for discharge
  • Report print function
  • Inventory Management
  • Selection of Volumetric / Gravi Mode
  • Intelligent self-optimizing control

Optional features of Toshiba Machine Gravimetric Blending Units:

  • Pneumatic Suction box for line purging
  • Vacuum Loader for dosing stations
  • Three level password & special programs
  • Micro Dosing screw for low additive
  • Throughputs (less than 4%)






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