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Toshiba Machine (Chennai) Pvt. Ltd one of the pioneers in manufacture of Injection Molding Machines & Auxiliary Systems for over two decades are serving the Industry with expertise and proven solutions in enhancing the bottom line of Plastic Processing Industry be it Injection Molding, Blow Molding, Extrusion, Roto molding, Thermoforming, Rubber, Die Casting and Compression Molding by providing the state-of-the-art technology to its Esteemed Clients across the Globe.

Drying systems - De Humidified Air Dryer:

De Humidified Air DryerDe Humidified Air Dryer1Toshiba Machine specializes in supply of De humidified Air Dryers for the drying of hygroscopic plastic resins. Hygroscopic resins lose many of the desirable properties if the moisture content is high. High performance dryers are needed to draw moisture out of these resins.
A De humidified Air Dryer works by moving hot air through a bed of desiccant beads. These beads absorb moisture out of the air and the dry air then absorbs moisture when moving through the resin in the dryer. After a set time or when the dew-point of the air reaches a set-point, the dryer switches from one desiccant bed to another. The bed that was drying until now is then heated with very hot air. This hot air makes the desiccant give up the moisture they absorbed before. The desiccant is then cooled or let to cool at ambient temperature.

Salient features of Toshiba Machine De Humidified Air Dryer:

  • Dry Air capacity - 50 m3/hr to 800 m3/hr
  • Bin size. - 15lt to 4000lt
  • Continuous supply of dry air to the drying bin
  • Closed loop regeneration process
  • PLC Control facility to monitor all drying functions
  • Large cleaning windows from 60 liter bins
  • Integrated conveying versions

The mobile compact dryer LMD 50 and LMD 80 generates 50 and 80 m³/hr of dry air respectively, the ideal amount for production of small precision parts. These drying systems are provided with the latest servo cylinder change over systems ensuring consistent supply of Dry Air for drying various engineering plastic pellets. The air generator can be equipped with up to three fully insulated drying bins to suit the requirement for drying different grades of plastic pellets.COMPACT DRYERCOMPACT DRYER2







The dry air generator operates with air directional flow control valve and hence compressed air is not required for dryer operation. Separate Blowers for the Drying & Regeneration Circuit operates as required for the process condition. The PLC controls the drying system operation with a four line display of alarm for quick trouble shooting.

  • Energy Saving feature
  • Pre - Dry Confirmation
  • Closed Loop Regeneration System


LARGE CAPACITY DRYER LMD 200 / 250 / 400 / 800

Toshiba Machine dry air generator design incorporates two high capacity desiccant drying beds. Airflow
alternates between these two desiccant beds in a programmed sequence resulting in high moisture extraction efficiency. While one bed is extracting moisture from the air returning from the drying bin, the second bed is being regenerated and the absorbed moisture is exhausted to the atmosphere.
The switching sequence is controlled by highly reliable pneumatic valves eliminating the conventional

Close loop drying system

The dry air generator supplies air at a very low dew point to the drying bins to extract moisture from the
plastic granules. The heater mounted on the bin heats the dry air to the required temperature just before it enters the bin. The moisture-laden air coming out from the bin then passes through the special molecular sieve in the desiccant cartridge. Moisture is absorbed here and the air that comes out is once again ready for the above process.

Regeneration cycle
The drying and regeneration process run in parallel, in different phases. Thus one desiccant cartridge is
always located in the drying circuit, and the other in the regenerating circuit. Regeneration of the saturated cartridge is done by a time & temperature / temperature based process, optimized through a PLC controller to yield high-energy efficiency.

Drying bin
Drying bins are fully insulated for energy savings. A specially designed trumpet provided in the bin ensures uniform distribution of air from the bottom to the top of the bin. A special ball valve is provided in the air inlet of the drying bin for regulating the airflow.

Individual bin heaters with PID control regulate the drying bin temperature. Four line display of Alarm up to TB wiring for quick trouble shooting.






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