Job Molding

Toshiba Machine-Injection molding machines provide versatility of operations to numerous job molders in small and medium enterprises. A job molder will require molding a variety of plastics in the same machine depending on his daily need. The same injection unit should provide the best possible shot range and the same clamping unit should accommodate different molds with varying sizes. Toshiba Machine machines provide for all these.

Generous platen sizes, modularity in the selection of injection units for different pressure/shot weight requirements and multitude of customized optional features make Toshiba Machine-Injection molding machines a useful choice. Simple layout of control pages make Toshiba Machines more user-friendly and simple to operate.

Toshiba Machine, owing to their unique features and good construction, offer a high return on investment and a low TCO compared to similar machines. Custom studies are made available by our sales and application engineers to enable job molders make their decision.