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Toshiba Machine-Injection molding machines are used in a variety of packaging applications in industries such as those in food, pharmaceutical, beverages and personal care to manufacture boxes, tube shoulders, PET performs, closures, zippers, cable tie, crates, pails etc.

Special wear resistant screw and barrel can be provided for processing of abrasive plastic raw materials and glass fiber fillers. Toshiba Machine, with its unique fast acting five point twin toggle system, offers a low cycle time operation. It ensures absolute safety to your molds. The provision of machine integrated hot runner system ensures proper PID control of temperature in your mold, contributing to a good part quality.

Low maintenance requirement of the auto lubricated toggle system ensures long running hours without maintenance break. The entire system can be automated and customized to suit your needs.

Machine with parallel operations including ejector, cores can be provided for flexibility in molding and reducing the cycle time. Electric screw drives for parallel plasticizing can be provided as an option which would contribute to a reduction in cycle time for components with a low cooling time. Machines with wider opening stroke can be provided for use in the manufacture of paint pails and other deep drawn containers.