S-Tech Machines



S-Tech machines offer a standardized molding platform covering extensive applications from small to medium sized parts. Derived from the proven De Tech series of machines, S-Tech encompasses all the benefits of a unified design which makes it cost effective. The standardized design for the clamping unit along with preset specifications on the injection unit makes this series an attractive bet for a value buy. Moreover a host of additional features that come with the standard equipment would bring in the much needed flexibility in your molding line. Optimized machine foot print in S-Tech would offer a better floor space utilization, this means that you save on the valuable space cost which is ever increasing.

S-Tech series is presently available in lower and medium tonnages from 600kN for parts weighing from 20grams to 1500grams.S-Tech is ideally designed to meet the process requirements of a variety of molding jobs that require optimal performance with a reasonable initial investment.

S-Tech machines are offered with indigenously developed LNC6 control. User friendly touch sensitive controllers are simple to operate. The LNC6 control system is equipped with a high speed "ARM" processor which offers state of art graphics design. The 12.1" touch screen enables the user to interact with the machine very easily and feel comfortable at it.






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