Toshiba Machine - Auxiliary Equipment

Toshiba Machine (Chennai) Pvt. Ltd one of the pioneers in manufacture of Injection Molding Machines & Auxiliary Systems for over two decades are serving the Industry with expertise and proven solutions in enhancing the bottom line of Plastic Processing Industry be it Injection Molding, Blow Molding, Extrusion, Roto molding, Thermoforming, Rubber, Die Casting and Compression Molding by providing the state-of-the-art technology to its Esteemed Clients across the Globe.

Temperature Control Units:

Temperature-Control-UnitsToshiba Machine manufactures a wide range of temperature-control units like high-performance temperature control units for use with water or thermal oil, various optional features tailor-made for specific application can be offered to suit customer needs.

Open Tank Systems: LT 150/LT200

In the manufacture of injection molded parts, correct mold temperatures can reduce rejection rates greatly. This improves open-tank-systemsproductivity of the process and part aesthetics to a large extent. Based on the outlet heating temperatures two different models are made available in the open tank system.





Closed Tank Systems:LTDk 70/LTDk 150/ LTDk 200/LTDk 300/LTDk 400 (Direct cooling units)

Closed tank or Pressurized water units can be used wherever the advantages of water as a heat transfer medium at higher temperature as high as 120 degree Celsius is used. Toshiba Machine offers a wide range for such units.

Benefits of Toshiba Machine Temperature Control Units:

Improving Process efficiency:

  • Automatic controls of mold temperature to give perfect moldings with every shot.
  • Keep mold at correct temperature even when machine is stopped thus eliminating start up delays in the morning or during daytime stops.

Quality Improvement:

  • Steady controlled temperature makes plastic molding accurate in size and consistent with quality.
  • Accurate mold temperature solves the problem of plastic flow patterns, reducing flow and weld lines, gloss appearance, record grooves effect, silver streaking, stress-whitening, warping etc....

 Salient features of Toshiba Machine Temperature Control Units:

  • Anti-corrosive pump.
  • In-built cooling circuit to avoid temperature surge.
  • Audiovisual Alarm in case of faults.
  • Insulated oil/water tank.
  • In-built vent with oil/water filling cap.
  • Overload and level protection for pump.
  • Dual temperature safety.
  • PID Controller.
  • Forward Reverse Mold drainage facility for safety.







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