Toshiba Machine Group

Toshiba Machine Japan
President Mr.Yukio Iimura

Toshiba Machine Co. Ltd. Japan is one of the world's leading manufacturer of plastics Injection molding machines, die-casting machines, plastic extrusion machines, printing presses, machine tools, high precision machines, micro pattern imprinting machines, electronic controls, castings, hydraulic equipment, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Being a member of the Toshiba group of companies, Toshiba Machine's origin can be traced back more than a century to Shibaura Engineering Works Co., the forerunner of the Toshiba Corporation established in 1875.

The Machine Tool Division of the Shibaura Engineering Works Co. was incorporated as an independent company in 1938, named the Shibaura Machine Tools Co. Ltd. the forerunner of the Toshiba Machine Co. Ltd. which supplies machinery and electronic controls to automotive, aerospace, heavy equipment, construction, plastics, transportation, semiconductor and communication markets worldwide.

With "energy and environment" as the cornerstone of its operations, the Toshiba Machine Group continues to focus on today's high-demand sectors such as automobile, electronics, optics, and nanotechnology, in which we aim to be the world's No. 1 machine manufacturer through combined efforts in product development, manufacturing, distribution, retrofit and after-sale services for injection molding machines, die-casting machines, plastic extrusion machines, micro-pattern imprinting machines, high-precision machines, machine tools, electronic control devices, industrial robots and hydraulic equipment.

On September 28 2012, Toshiba Machine Co. Ltd. acquired all of the shares in Indian firm L&T Plastics Machinery Limited, making it a subsidiary of the Company. It has become a member of the Toshiba Machine Group with a change of name to "TOSHIBA MACHINE (CHENNAI) PVT. LTD."

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