Writing Instruments & Stationery


Toshiba Machine-Injection molding machines have a long proven advantage in the Writing instruments industry. Toshiba Machine- De-Tech and S-Tech series of machines have proven their durability and consistency of operation required for the manufacture of writing instruments. Toshiba Machines offer high productivity and larger platen areas for mounting bigger and heavier molds. This, along with high mold safety requirements due to the presence of long cavity inserts, make Toshiba Machine a perfect choice for the manufacturers of writing instruments.

Multi-cavity molding like those in the manufacture of pens would necessitate a mold clamping system that doesn't buckle under varying load conditions. This is taken care by the force distribution pattern provided by Toshiba Machine - five point twin toggle machines.

The newly introduced servo series of machines from Toshiba Machine - DTS & STS offers outstanding results in power savings while molding components for writing instruments.